DEC Regional Director Anthony Luisi Responds to a Noxious Odor Incident at Norlite


On Sunday morning, February 6, 2023, NYS DEC was alerted to complaints of a strong odor coming from the Norlite facility. This incident occurred just days after a 200 gallon oil spill at the facility. 


NYS DEC Regional Director Anthony Luisi commented. “After reporting to the facility, our responders confirmed a strong burning odor and a smoky haze in the residential area immediately to the north of the facility, and observed smoke from one of the stacks at the facility being blown to the impacted area.”

The DEC attributed the strong odor to excess solids that had accumulated in the venting system of the incinerator. The DEC insist they will be further investigating the cause of the vent accumulation. 


LON’s Dave Publow spoke with an area resident about her latest experience with Norlite. The resident reported a smell of burning tires so strong that she thought something in her residence was on fire.


With a planned razing of the Saratoga Sites housing complex, only 400 feet from the incinerator stacks, still many families remain living at the site. The proposed plan is to clear the land for future industrial use. Unfortunately, other residence on neighboring streets around Norlite don’t have the easy option or resources to relocate to unaffected housing. 


Residence, LON and other environmental organizations will continue to put pressure on the DEC and NYS Attorney General to face the facts that Norlite is a danger to public health, safety and the environment.


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